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Therapy Intensive Network of North Texas (TINNT) provides intensive therapy programs for children and adults with autism, developmental disorders and other special needs.

TINNT was created by a group of passionate professionals across multiple disciplines who implement new and unique therapies that are proven to show results for their clients. Their commitment to continually learning new therapy solutions allows them to provide more effective treatments for their patients. The team utilizes techniques at the forefront of their fields providing results that improve the daily lives of patients.

Our intensive treatment protocols are designed to accelerate the improvement of symptoms by creating integrated therapy solutions that focus on the entire body.

About Intensive Therapy Programs

Jump-starting our patient's progress using a multi-model treatment approach.

The TINNT intensive therapy program begins with a nutritional and biomechanical assessment by Dr. Homero Cavazos. This assessment utilizes laboratory testing to determine nutritional deficits, as well as assess methylation, antioxidation, and detox functions. Musculoskeletal needs such as low muscle tone and abnormal posture/gait will also be evaluated.

Addressing biomedical needs will help patients optimally respond to other treatments such as neuro-optometry, occupational, and speech-language therapy.

Intensive treatment protocols are customized around the needs of the patient and their families and typically last 7-15 treatment days. A treatment plan is created by assessing the patient’s needs and ability to effectively respond to therapy. TINNT aims jump start our patient's progress using a progressive, multi-modal treatment approach in an accelerated time frame.

Treatment Team

Therapy Intensive Network of North Texas is a group of experienced, professionals who are dedicated to improving families lives through innovative therapeutic treatments. All treatment protocols are supervised or provided first-hand by our founding specialist.
Speech – Language Pathologist
Speech – Language Pathologist
Sally Bober, MA, CCC
Sally Bober & Associates
Bio-Medical, Nutrition & Chiropractic Care
Bio-Medical, Nutrition & Chiropractic Care
Homero Cavazos, DC, CNCC, MAPS
Structure Chiropractic
Pediatric & Adult Occupational Therapy
Pediatric & Adult Occupational Therapy
Kate Lundgren, OTR, MBA, SIPT, CST
Cutting Edge Pediatric Therapy
Neuro – Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation
Neuro – Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation
Charles Shidlofsky, OD, FCOVD
Neuro-Vision Associates of North Texas

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Treatment Locations

The offices of the TINNT treatment team are within easy driving distance of each other.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding accommodations.
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